Re: character entities in UTF-8 files

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Date: Wed Jul 13 2005 - 05:24:11 CDT

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    Eric Muller wrote:

    > XML does not require that in a CDATA section: "<![CDATA[x<y]]>" is a
    > fine way to serialize the character content "x<y". Another fine point is
    > that the character content ">" can be serialized as "&gt;" or ">" in
    > general, but must be serialized as "&gt;" when it follows "]]" in a
    > CDATA section (because ]]> marks the end of a CDATA section).

    Not quite, though I think I've made this mistake in at least one of my
    books. The CDATA section

    <![CDATA[foo]]&gt;bar]]> is parsed as the string "foo]]&gt;bar", not
    "foo]]>bar". There is no way to represent the three character sequence
    ]]> inside a CDATA section. You have to close the CDATA section, emit a
    > character, and open a new CDATA section.

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