Re: design prototype: the ultimate unicode keyboard?

From: Donald Z. Osborn (
Date: Sat Jul 16 2005 - 02:16:08 CDT

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    ... and all of this without footpedals or levers.

    The implications are significant and not only for extended and non-Lestern
    scripts. Once you are no longer constrained by what is painted on the keys at
    the factory, a lot of possibilities are opened up in addition to facilitating
    multilingual use of any given keyboard.

    Ultimately a post-QWERTY world? Well if the keyboard is not dedicated to one
    layout, even users of one language are not obliged to learn and stay with the
    legacy system. I.e., it could facilitate learning and use of alternative
    layouts such as Dvorak for English without requiring a hardware change away
    from the legacy layout.

    Don Osborn


    > On 2005/07/15, at 18:56, Johannes Bergerhausen wrote:
    > >
    > And what about languages that work with syllable input ?
    > First letter input: the keyboard displays something like qwerty, second
    > letter input: the keyboard changes to what is possible in combination
    > with the first letter ?!?!?
    > JC Helary
    > ps: the concept itself is very interesting, also the fact that the
    > keyboard was a Mac one.

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