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From: Raymond Mercier (
Date: Tue Jul 19 2005 - 10:33:57 CDT

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    Andreas Prilop
    > Since so many are precomposed, I suspect the intention was to include
    > all necessary letters for Indic transliteration. However, four letters
    > (= eight characters) with ring below are missing and two other letters
    > (= four characters) do not exist in transliteration.
    > Indic letters Transliteration
    > 090B 098B 0D0B R with ring below -- --
    > 090C 098C 0D0C L with ring below -- --
    > 0933 -- 0D33 L with dot below 1E36 1E37
    > 095C 09DC -- R with dot below 1E5A 1E5B
    > 0960 09E0 0D60 R with ring below and macron -- --
    > 0961 09E1 0D61 L with ring below and macron -- --
    > -- -- -- L with dot below and macron 1E38 1E39
    > -- -- -- R with dot below and macron 1E5C 1E5D

    This distinction between dot-below and ring-below does not reflect the
    Nagari or other Indian script, but is just an accidental glyph variant in
    latin transcriptions.
    Are you really saying that the r's in the two words कृष्ण kṛṣṇa ऋतु ṛtu are
    to be distinguished ? No distinction is made in the Nagari script, and there
    is no reason to add the ring-under glyphs to Unicode.

    Raymond Mercier

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