Re: CLDR: Bad exemplar chars for some locales

From: Simon Montagu (
Date: Thu Apr 06 2006 - 02:29:53 CST

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    Peter Edberg wrote:
    > 3. Hebrew (he):
    > - This currently includes points 05B0-05B9, 05BB-05BC, 05BD, 05BF,
    05C1-05C2, 05C4. Points are not required for writing modern Hebrew, so
    these should not be in the standard set. Perhaps these should be in an
    auxiliary set.

    In modern Hebrew points are used in poetry, texts for children and
    people learning Hebrew as a second language, and occasionally in any
    text for disambiguation, e.g. in transcriptions of foreign words or
    words which without points might be read in more than one way either of
    which would fit the context.

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