Re: Reality check - non-Unicode in Guinea-GTZ documents 2005

From: Ciarán Ó Duibhín (
Date: Thu Aug 17 2006 - 16:38:20 CDT

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    Don Osborn wrote:
    > Does anyone know about how Unicode (and internationalization &
    > computing generally) is treated in major university computer science
    > programs? I suspect some newer programs in language & computers might
    > such technical issues as a matter of course (and courses). But standard
    > computer science?
    > On the linguistics side? Computational linguistics?

    Unicode would make itself a more attractive prospect for some types of
    computation if it were to make more systematic distinctions at the character
    level, for example, between "apostrophe" and "right single quote".

    > It would be great to have somewhere an interdisciplinary program and/or an
    > endowed chair for internationalization and localization. The issues reside
    > in the abovementioned areas as well as policy, economics, business,
    > international development, etc. These issues are very current, with longer
    > term implications, and they go from the ground level all the the way up to
    > issues like IDN and internet governance for instance. All these things
    > connect and we all know it. But there seems to be a case for an academic
    > entity to treat the high-level issues, call attention to gaps, needs etc.,
    > integrate elements that people work on separately, and address the need
    > broader level "outreach" for public education. (Maybe such exists
    > Not that this would be *the* answer, of course, but it is arguably an
    > essential piece...

    I don't know much about it but have a look at

    Ciarán Ó Duibhín.

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