RE: Yahoo Messenger & Unicode: some observations

From: Don Osborn (
Date: Thu Nov 16 2006 - 08:02:03 CST

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    Just coming back to this issue. On what level should the necessary fonts or
    characters be handled? Is it a question of OS *or* software or both in
    tandem? If the latter then what is the role of each? These may seem too
    simple a set of questions, but they would help in getting to the main issue
    (as I see it): why in this case some non-Latin scripts are handled well and
    extended Latin characters aren't.


    Is it that once one has a Latin font without extended characters as a
    default, the system or software doesn't look any further (but if there is a
    non-Latin font the system or software looks for an appropriate font)?
    Obviously one can reset the default Latin font in, say Yahoo messenger, to
    one with the characters. But that isn't so satisfactory - you may not want
    that font for all purposes; someone else who doesn't have such a font as
    default will see only empty squares for extended characters unless they
    change fonts. Is there a user setting that permits (obliges) the system or
    software to search for the characters in another font, or is this something
    that should be provided for in the software?


    All this is perhaps just fine tuning in the use of Unicode / UTF-8 in
    various applications.


    Another example I'm trying (just casually, as I'm curious how common
    messaging handles extended Latin and non-Latin scripts) is the Skype user
    message - already had one feedback re non-display of extended Latin


    TIA for any feedback






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    On 5-Nov-06, at 3:35 PM, Don Osborn wrote:

    I personally am curious to understand better why it couldn't pick up a few
    hooked letters in a Latin font while it did so well with Arabic, Ethiopic
    and Chinese


    Chinese, of-course, is the market! Ethiopic I don't know but Arabic support
    is provided by MS Arial if this was your default font.


    Is providing back-up font something that software should be doing or OS?





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