YahooMail Encoding Problems-1(UTF-8 to TrISO)

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Date: Tue Dec 12 2006 - 05:21:33 CST

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    Yahoogroups is very popular in Turkey and this has increased
    the usage of “*.yahoo” addresses in emails.

    In Turkey about 95% of the webpages are composed with Turkish ISO.
    Personal settings should be 95% TrISO too.

    Yahoo somehow is incompatible with three unique Turkish
    Letters, ı(U0130,U0131), ş(U015E and F) and ğ(U007E and F).
    Yahoo originating mails arrive at Turkish ISO machines as almost

    YahooMail-Beta has two sections; Main page with fixed UTF-8 coding
    and messages sections where encoding is adjustable.

    Compose Tab is a part of the main section and messages from Yahoo
    are received as unlegible. “ışığı” comes as “¹º¹»¹”

    The coding whitewashed “Latin3 ISO”. (Picture Attached)

    I intend to send two more emails with different coding problems.

    I have collected some data and sample email correspondance and shall
    willingly cooperate to help solve the problem.


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    note- The outgoing message above encoded as UTF-8.

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    On Sun, 5 Nov 2006 15:35:40 -0500, Don Osborn wrote:

    > Daniel also mentioned another issue with Yahoo Messenger that he has
    > encountered - one cannot compose from a Keyman keyboard.

    There are several problems with the keyboard input and YM.
    I am aware of these:
    - Romanian characters S and T with comma below cannot be entered from
    keyboard (a question mark will appear instead), but they can be copied
    and pasted from other Unicode application; the recipient sees them
    correctly, assuming the font used has the required glyphs
    - the AltGr key is treated as Ctrl key in the first place, so that it
    is impossible to generate:
      - character A with breve, using the Romanian (Programmers) keyboard
        layout available in Windows Vista
      - character A with diaeresis, using the Hungarian keyboard layout


    Cristian Secară


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