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From: Doug Ewell (
Date: Wed Dec 20 2006 - 13:40:55 CST

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    Philippe Verdy <verdy underscore p at wanadoo dot fr> wrote:

    > shouldn' it be
    > * zh-min-nan-Latn-TW
    > * zh-min-nan-Hant-TW
    > i.e. with **two** extlang subtags?

    Grandfathered tags can't be combined with other subtags, as Addison just
    said about "i-ami".

    In any case, the use of region subtag "TW" here seems superfluous unless
    it is likely there are varieties of Min Nan other than the Taiwan

    > I note that Wikipedia currently uses "zh-min-nan" for Minnan
    > (independantly of the script used or the geographic region), not
    > "zh-nan" ; are there other "Min" variants?

    cdo Chinese, Min Dong
    czo Chinese, Min Zhong
    mnp Chinese, Min Bei
    nan Chinese, Min Nan

    When RFC 4646bis is approved and published, "zh-min-nan" will be
    deprecated in favor of the regular "zh-nan". It would be nice if
    Wikipedia migrated from "zh-min-nan" to "zh-nan" at that point, but
    they're not obligated to do so.

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