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Date: Fri Dec 22 2006 - 18:57:28 CST

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    Winnie the Pooh, albeit here Kana and Roo and Christmas trees are both
    popular in China.

    My 6 year old son likes Winnie the Pooh.

    The icon doesn't do much for me, but I am 40 something.

    Compared to many sites that have pop-up banners and dozens of extra
    images, google is very low-key.


    Quoting "John D. Burger" <>:

    > Jony Rosenne wrote:
    >> It isn't enough to localize text, characters sets and directionality.
    >> Attached is part of the current Google home page in Hebrew. If one uses
    >> culturally loaded images, one should mind what they mean in various
    >> cultures.
    >> The image has no meaning to me and I suppose to most Hebrew speakers,
    >> although I can guess it has something to do with the American concept of
    >> Christmas.
    > Well, if you click on the image, you do get an explanation of sorts, in
    > a variety of languages (albeit not in Hebrew). I'd argue the concept
    > is "Winter Holiday", not "Christmas", and the former especially is not
    > limited to America, although it is not, of course, global.
    > Interestingly, they use the same image for their separate Chinese site:
    > I'm having trouble reconciling "culturally loaded" and "has no meaning
    > to me". Is there indeed some loaded meaning in Israel for this image?
    > I can't tell if you're annoyed, or just taking the opportunity to make
    > an important point about localization.
    > For the curious, Google has been doing this sort of thing almost from
    > the beginning:
    > - John Burger
    > MITRE

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