Re: Optimus keyboard in the news

From: John Hudson (
Date: Thu May 03 2007 - 12:23:11 CST

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    Debbie Garside wrote:

    > IMHO the Optimus keyboard is way too over priced and because it uses
    > individual LCDs for each key it will remain over priced.

    My concern is less with the price per se than with the likelihood of such a thing breaking
    so easily. I've seen several laptop computers die, and the LCD screen always seems to be
    the first thing to go, and that's when the screen is just sitting there. A keyboard needs
    to be robust, especially for someone like me who learned to type on a manual typewriter
    and still hits the keys a lot harder than necessary.

    I've also managed to kill off a few keyboards, usually by spilling drinks on them. So an
    expensive and probably more fragile keyboard isn't something that I find appealing.
    Keyboards should be cheap and rugged, and so should mechanisms to customise the key
    displays (labels, indelible marker, etc.).

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