Re: Uppercase is coming? (U+1E9E)

From: Mark E. Shoulson (
Date: Thu May 03 2007 - 13:31:54 CST

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    Frank Ellermann wrote:

    > Adam Twardoch wrote:
    >> if U+1E9E is added to Unicode, will the casing rules be changed so
    >> that (U+00DF) uppercases to U+1E9E by default?
    > That's complete rubbish, there's no such thing as an "upper case ".
    > DIN would be dissolved by law if they'd ever support this nonsense.
    > Frank
    The evidence cited in the proposal is pretty much unanswerable. Maybe
    you think there shouldn't have been, but typographers have been selling
    fonts with uppercase s in them for nigh unto a century. Unicode is
    there to support existing usage, and this certainly qualifies.


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