Public Review Issue: #98 still open

Date: Thu May 03 2007 - 17:40:20 CST

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    Dear Rick,

    I was pleased to discover when I went to that PRI 98: Combined registration
    of the Adobe-Japan1 collection and of sequences in that collection is
    apparently still open, and so promtly reported a matter to do with PRI

    Whilst if one reads carefully the "expected close date of 2007-03-15"
    does not mean that the public review issue is closed, does display PRI 98 on the list of current
    public view issues.

    Might there might not be a case in such situations for making it clear
    that at public review issue is still open, either though the mailing
    lists, by updating web pages or both, especially for ones like PRI 98
    which has already been open for much longer than the original expected
    public review period and IMHO will still be open for quite a long time.

    Yours sincerely
    John Knightley

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