Re: Uppercase is coming? (U+1E9E)

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Sat May 05 2007 - 11:06:44 CST

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    At 12:25 -0400 2007-05-05, Marnen Laibow-Koser wrote:

    >>Dotted consonants are no longer used in the standard spelling of
    >>Irish, but they are encoded nonetheless.
    >The words "no longer" are the crux of your point here, I think.
    >Dotted consonants are part of an older spelling standard,

    "Standard" in this sense is much much less rigorous than is the
    notion of Deutsche Rechtschreibung.

    >Now, I think I still favor encoding it -- after all, there's no
    >adequate way to represent it with what we have, and people certainly
    >*are* using it in non-trivial numbers. But I thought that the
    >arguments you advanced in this post were a little thin.

    Well, I wasn't trying to argue the whole case; I just mentioned a few points.

    Michael Everson *

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