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Date: Mon May 07 2007 - 12:51:29 CDT

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    > > Unlike in USA, crayons are not accepted here, except for arts and
    > > technical drawings.
    > Are you talking about pencils or wax crayons?

    Do you use a wax crayon (commonly named "pastel" in French elementary
    schools where there are used) to create a technical drawing (for courses
    like maths, technology, architecture)?

    Wax cryaons may be used to fill and annotate a geographic map, or in arts
    courses but this is not for writing text, only for graphics.

    For official exams, unerasable ink must be used for text written by
    candidates, and there are requirements about the color of ink (dark blue or
    dark violet or black), so that the exam corrector can add his visible
    annotations, traditionally using red ink.

    Another difference: most French exams (at every scholar level) require
    writing lot of text. FAQs with checkboxes are really rare, and candidates
    must explain their results... except if they are pure memorization controls,
    or responses for which there's only one correct way to get the correct
    result (most often an unexplained correct result or a correct result given
    with a false reason is often considered wrong).

    No, graphite pencils are almost never used in France in schools and
    universities after the primary ages, and in fact few people like to have to
    cut again the pencil heads each time it breaks; rollerball pens or more
    modern pens that writes well in every orientation and without extra effort
    on all kinds of papers are used.

    Fountain pens are now prohibited in most places, even though the French
    "plume" with removable reservoirs is used quite often and still mandated in
    many classes (because the ink can be corrected once using an easy to use
    erasor pen, then an normal un-erasable pen for rewriting)

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