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From: Bob Hallissy (
Date: Wed May 09 2007 - 03:17:14 CDT

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    Jon Peck wrote on 08/05/2007 22:24:04:

    > If you are
    > creating a font chooser dialog in Java and want to display a sample
    > string, how do you find a reasonable string of characters that do have

    I don't know about Java, but I do know about TT/OT fonts: Most contain, in
    their OS/2 table, the ulUnicodeRange and ulCodePageRange bit vectors that
    should give you a pretty good hint about what characters you might use to
    display a sample. See
    for detail.

    In case it helps: in the Windows API these are referred to as the
    "fontsignature". See the GetTextCharsetInfo function:



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