Re: Numeric type for ideographs

From: John H. Jenkins (
Date: Wed May 09 2007 - 18:22:54 CDT

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    On May 9, 2007, at 4:47 PM, Mike wrote:

    > The Unihan.txt file contains numeric values for
    > ideographs. However, it does not contain the
    > numeric type of these characters. Should any of
    > them be considered digits or decimal digits? Or
    > are they all just "numeric"?

    Unihan.txt does not contain sufficient information to use Han
    ideographs to write numerals, although the ones with values 0 through
    9 can be used as decimal digits. The others are used (in addition to
    the "decimal digits") in traditional Han numeral-writing contexts not
    derived from Western practice.

    John H. Jenkins

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