RE: The glyph of the CAPITAL SHARP S

From: George W Gerrity (
Date: Thu May 10 2007 - 09:17:05 CDT

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    I don't find any of the proposals too satisfactory: the Capital Sharp
    S glyph should be derived from a ligature of Latin Capital letters SS
    or SZ, not from a cursive lower-case ligature or from a lower-case
    long s. The problem is that neither pair form a nice ligation,
    although I did try the SZ.

    However, suppose we use the glyph form Latin Capital Letter Ezh (U
    +2169) for the Z. In that case, a rather pleasant-looking and
    unmistakable glyph can be formed with Latin Capital S on the left,
    Latin Capital Letter Ezh on the right, with the ligature on the top.

    Could one of the typographers paste together such a glyph using a
    serif font style with several variations for comment?

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