Re: The glyph of the CAPITAL SHARP S

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Fri May 11 2007 - 11:56:31 CDT

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    At 12:30 +0200 2007-05-11, Andreas Stötzner wrote:

    >>I understand. Currently the glyph at 3f in
    >>is the favourite "vanilla" glyph.
    >A decision about the favourable default glyph
    >should be based on samples in which the rhythm
    >of dark and light strokes are applied
    >appropriately. This is, sorry for that, not the
    >case with many of the glyphs Michael E. presents
    >here. Therefor they look unsatisfying.

    Of course many of them are unsatisfying.

    >As for the code chart I strongly recommend to
    >stick to the glyph presented by DIN on p.1 of
    >the proposal (N3227r) for this choice is a
    >result from considerations based on extensive
    >historical and graphical research, undertaken by
    >myself and others.

    Well, we cannot just pop in an Andron glyph into
    the code charts, which is why I have been
    exploring designs for the Times-like font I am
    using. The glyph 3f in my document is a Dresden
    glyph as you recommend.

    Michael Everson *

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