Re: various ways of making a specific character

From: Michael S. Kaplan (
Date: Thu May 24 2007 - 10:40:00 CDT

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    From: "Jukka K. Korpela" <>

    > For example, a program that renders characters in visible form often uses
    > simple technologies for combining marks, possibly in a way that causes
    > differences between visual appearances of canonically equivalent
    > sequences. In particular, a program often uses a particular glyph for a
    > precomposed character but handles a decomposed form by displaying the base
    > character and positioning the diacritic somehow (generally with poorer
    > results than the precomposed glyph).

    On Windows (and I believe on other platforms) there is a typographical
    presence (if the composed form exists for a series of decomposed characters)
    to use the composed form for the rendering.

    The fallback may always look a bit worse, which is why it is so common to
    prefer the combined form.

    This kind of handling does not require special code, it just requires
    regular stuff to put text in controls....

    MichKa [Microsoft]

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