Re: hexatridecimal internationalisation

From: Hans Aberg (
Date: Fri May 25 2007 - 06:20:43 CDT

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    On 25 May 2007, at 01:57, JFC Morfin wrote:

    > The need I have is for transliteration of programming variables,
    > code ID, etc. from ASCII keyboards to non-ASCII keyboards.

    As for programming languages, I have experimented (in a theorem
    prover) using both Unicode symbols and ASCII names aside by side. My
    conclusions is that this is a poor approach. Compare with the hassle
    of C/C++ trigraphs. Better to only use Unicode symbols.

    Then the next problem is to enter these symbols efficiently.
    Developing ones own keyboard maps for the large numbers of math
    symbols takes a lot of time.

    So I think, best would be some set of Unicode keyboard maps, just
    designed to enter the characters as efficiently as possible. These
    might then move away from traditional QWERTY-like keyboard maps for
    ASCII: ABCDEF seems the right thing, here. :-)

       Hans Aberg

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