Re: num of Ideographs U+????? = D?????

From: Shohji Itoh (
Date: Mon May 28 2007 - 19:05:09 CDT

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    Good morning.
     I have no any "data" for use on universal eco (all are foolish (to useing U
    on Shift_JIS plane with HTML)).
     Now I only can tell bug place for Mr. Taichi KAWABATA to correcting the
    dkw2ucs.txt on heard your voice, and feel that can make data, but I'm afraid of that Ican't win on that WORK.In Japan, the software "Mojikyo" advertising to support ExtB in future, butitssoso late. At first, I'm only a user, but now have no any, so I must betypethenumbers every day, to use them with the another some.If I can present complete some, I'm happly. But now, the one of best for me,is his uploading and my correcting.( I can't understand the meaning( or scence) of your "3)" , so now I thinkthat if you do the work (add morohashi-num._s) with strip,use that to checkingor not is free, because when you view the dict youreyesare free too. Its only....., if some of you can browse or check the dictcorrectly,equal,we can get better(great) Unihan.txt more quickly. Sorry.)About the "4)" , If I do so, I'll send you. When that time I'll addJapanesereadings too, OK ?I feel that its so long empty foolish situation for us, so I feel thatsome(i
    n company or scholar etc.) doing the WORK( and with money etc.), Ifeer that(can't alive with some MEANING) too.So, I have 2 cores and more, of minuses, about it. - perhaps, I can't win on WORK near the best? - perhaps, some BIG do WORK very quickly ! - And it is with so long time. - And I can't understand the way to clear your "3)" hurdle, and atfirstIcan't know that what is that hurdle ? - You don't do "SCREW" now, and I "REALLY DOESN'T HELP ANYTHING", it likesthe EMPTY for relations of some BIG and you (BIG = BIG) only. - Its(the charachters are) billions, but( so) its many(or near by the all)or the EMPTY.* Correciting 10: D45332.0 DR189DS07U+29AD7 -} U+29AD6* I tryed to type simply and better, but strings on this just likesiet(can'tdo CORRECTING now by myself)* Now I can't keep br., so send it with HTML style.)Sorry.From: "John H. Jenkins" <>To: "ShohjiItoh"<>Cc: "Unicode MailingList"<>Sent:Tuesday, May 29, 200

     6:23 AMSubject: Re: num of Ideographs U+????? = D????? If you have data to add to the Unihan database, the best way toproceedis: 1) Generate your data as a single, plain-text, UTF-8 data fileformattedtheway the Unihan.txt file is formatted. In this case, the lineswouldbesomething like: U+20000 kMorohashi 00004 (Of course, we can handle data in other formats, but the fewer things wehave to do to munge the data, the smaller the chances that we'll screweverything up.) 2) Please wait until your data is completely stable before submittingit.Sending in a data file and then piecemeal corrections one at a time reallydoesn't help anything. 3) When you send in your data file, let us know where the data camefrom.Thedata should be in the public domain or covered by a license consistent withthe rest of the Unihan database. In particular, this means that we can'taccept data from GPL sources. 4) When everything is ready, send the data to me, <>. =====> John H. Jenkins> jhjenkins@mac.

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