Re: Geographical language data

From: Ed Trager (
Date: Tue May 29 2007 - 11:22:20 CDT

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    Hi, Eric,

    > The kind of application I am interested in is to take data like "Numbers
    > from 1 to 10 in Over 5000 Languages"
    > <> or CLDR data and put them on
    > maps. I am interested by both static maps and interactive maps (most
    > likely using Flash technology).

    That kind of application sounds very interesting. But I think it
    might be even more interesting if, instead of using Flash technology,
    you used SVG, XML, and AJAX technologies which might allow others to
    also participate in a more open way in creating additional derivative
    "mash ups" from the same kinds of data.

    It's just a thought -- email me offlist if you wish to discuss what I
    mean more specifically.

    - Ed Trager

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