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Date: Mon Oct 01 2007 - 14:50:43 CST

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    PV> "small capitals", which are NOT capitals, but an
    PV> alternate glyphic representation of linguistic minuscule letters, dictinct
    PV> from capitals that should remain used only for limited cases.
    My point is that, 3-rd prefix-byte ("abbreviation"-2) is necessary,
    which will convert lower-case letters into "small capitals"
    (as i understand, there is no cases,
    when only first letter of a word is "small capitals",
    i.e. 4-th prefix-byte "own name"-2 is redundant).

    Computer in both field of rational database and full-text database
    must compare only 'sense' itself of text.
    Let me refer once again to rough equality of strings

    ---back question

    PV> Another thing to note: despite the Greek Alpha looks like the Latin or
    PV> Cyrillic A, it behaves differently in association with combining characters,
    Syntax details please (without which, it's only common word).

    PV> (see for example the special case of the iota subscript

    PV> In fact, Georgian is not bicameral at all, in its modern script. It was
    PV> bicameral but used two separate alphabets for this, and Unicode considers it
    PV> now as two distinct scripts
    For what (i.e. why) ?

    PV> , where the modern script is unicameral, and the
    PV> extremely rare use of a secondary alphabet from the historical script to
    PV> make it bicameral also makes it ambiguous
    Is it possible to use single (united) alphabet for both scripts ?


    PV> German Ess-tsett or the historical Latin long s that was used for initial or medial
    PV> forms but not for final forms that carried some distinctions in the case the
    PV> final form long s was used instead of the usual long s in the middle of a
    PV> compound word, or to show a difference between a prefix and a longer
    PV> radical, or some other similr distinctions in Greek for letters in final
    PV> form).
    If some letter has different image in beginning/middle/end of a word,
    then algorithm of drafting must display different image for identical
    binary code (of letter).

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