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Date: Wed Oct 10 2007 - 08:13:27 CDT

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    Thanks, Frank, for confirming what I thought I already knew, but was
    beginning to doubt. My internal terminologist, as some on this list
    know, tends to get a bit bothered at the inconsistent use of
    terminology - for example, when unnecessary new terms are invented,
    seemingly on a whim (not a judgment statement, only an observation)
    it creates difficulties for and wastes the time of those wishing to
    scan the net for related information before commenting on new
    developments - for example, if "emoticon" is now mostly accepted as
    the standard term for what I still think of as a "smiley", then,
    unless one has personal memory of or other access to the history of
    same, it may not be obvious to people even one year hence that a
    search for "smiley" "smileys" or "smilies" may be needed instead. I
    don't mean to be pedantic, only reacting against what I hope is a
    passing fashion of inventing unncessary new terms, which can be
    endemic in some circles, lest it reach plague level.

    On 9 Oct 2007, at 10:07, scríobh Frank Ellermann:

    > Marion Gunn wrote:
    >> Whatever happened to 'dingbats', as a technical term?
    > It's fine, but neither superset nor subset of 'emoticon'.
    > Many 'dingbats' have nothing to do with 'emoticons' or
    > the 'smiley' subset of 'emoticons'. And many 'emoticons'
    > don't have a language / script independent version, let
    > alone a glyph in a font.
    >> Is "emoticon" now the official technical term by which
    >> all such symbols must be collectively referred to in all
    >> IT standards dealing with them?
    > I'm not aware of any standards yet. I recall some kind of
    > "dictionary" for "locations" in the IETF GEOPRIV RFCs, and
    > something similar for "emotions", but IIRC that's so far
    > only IANA "registries" (enumerations) of English words.
    > And there's a W3C incubator group about "emotions", but I
    > lost interest when I found out that they try to tackle the
    > real thing (emotions) and not only "emoticons".
    > Frank

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