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Date: Sat Oct 13 2007 - 13:35:29 CDT

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    In fact no, the proposed UTS update contains an interpretation of the
    complement operation using the “(?! …)” operation which applies to such
    extension of any regular expression (and it uses such a complex regular
    expression containing alternations with general form “(?! … || … )” (and one
    of the discussed case contains alternatives, part of the alternation, that
    contain multiple characters, i.e. using the concatenation matcher, so
    effectively it negates a complex RE which is an alternation of either
    characters, or character classes, or concatenations of characters…)





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    The complement operation is only discussed in UTS #18 with regard to
    character classes, not as a general operation. If you feel the text is
    unclear on that point, perhaps you can look it over and suggest where it
    could be enhanced. You can file this via the reporting form.



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