Re: Use of interum PUA encodings for 85 letters

From: Doug Ewell (
Date: Sat Oct 13 2007 - 15:01:32 CDT

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    O'Donncaoa (PCL Institute) wrote:

    > I'm involved with a project that is creating a new alphabetic
    > orthography. The orthography is quite new, and not another exists for
    > the language. I'm about to float the completed proposal summary for
    > the script to this newsgroup for review. The process will minimally
    > take two, and be more like 3 years before the script shall be able to
    > be incorporated into the Unicode standard.

    It'll be longer than that, if you are talking about brand-new characters
    that aren't in use yet, but only proposed for use.

    > Can someone fill me in on Interum Solution employment of the Private
    > Use Area? What does one do in order to use encodings for 85 new
    > letters via the PUA, in the mean time?

    You can encode anything you like in the PUA, but don't expect that to be
    a stepping-stone to formal encoding. Proposed characters and scripts
    have to meet the criteria set by the Unicode Standard regardless of any
    existing PUA usage.

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