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From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Sun Oct 14 2007 - 04:10:32 CDT

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    Michael S. Kaplan wrote:
    > He is trying to prove one of those three lessons that Roger Fenwick
    > learned
    > while he was at Oxford, the one about verbiage...

    You're trying to prove I was wrong, despite I have NEVER stated what you are
    pretended I have said.

    I have not indicated ANY place where the fallbacks are tacken. I have ONLY
    indicated that .Net provides support for other fallbacks (using other
    replacement character or using exceptions or returning conversion errors).

    I have not said ANYTHING about the default behaviour in .Net or its source

    And anyway, the Unicode mappings are not normative, they are just the
    informative status of most common implementations including Windows, which
    are considered also to be the most acceptable (but with known defects too).
    So Windows can still do what it wants in its Win32 MBCS/Multibyte conversion
    APIs, and implement it another way in .Net, I don't care, given that they
    are customizable in both cases.

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