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Date: Tue Oct 16 2007 - 07:01:12 CDT

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    > "Paratone" doesn't mean what Philippe has said it means
    > (namely "near homotones").

    But what are these "near homotones"? I was embarassed as a linguist to ask, until I googled it and came up with only 165 hits for "homotone", mostly in French. Most of the English hits are traceable back to the, which gives what appears to be an idiosynchratic definition: homotones are "ideograms which have the same pronunciation in both sound and tone but differ in design and in meaning", i.e. what I would call homophones (like 'their' and 'there' in English).

    But what is a *near* homotone? A linguist's minimal pair with a hard-to-hear phonemic distinction? That would be odd, since phonemic distinctions are usually easy enough for _native_ speakers to hear.

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