From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Mon Oct 22 2007 - 15:31:05 CDT

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    Frank Ellermann wrote:
    > FWIW I've fixed the broken <>
    > redirections, and while I was at it I've added the
    > UTS 22 aliases reported by ICU, example:
    > <> => KOI8-R codepage

    "FWIW". What does this mean? Please avoid such non trivial abbreviations
    (they are even less trivial or non-native English readers, and not
    documented anywhere in the Unicode standard).
    I'm fed up of seeing more and more unexplained acronyms appearing magically
    in some message and SMS-like "language" in mailing lists; I do really hate
    the SMS language, and probably, many native English readers too. You are
    forcing them to look for their definitions elsewhere, and decipher what you
    mean, and many be this acronym has several unrelated meanings,or may be
    offensive in some interpretations.

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