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Date: Tue Oct 23 2007 - 10:22:24 CDT

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    On the plus side, Philippe, you may safely take the explosion of
    English-based acronyms as a sure indicator of the growing number of
    monoglot English speaker so scared that their language is becoming
    international (not just theirs to use, but everybody's, especially in
    the case of those of them who still harbour a genuine horror of
    polyglots, which we must respect as real fear to them), that they
    feel a genuine need to club together behind acronyms and the like,
    which is silly in the extreme, but please accept it may be better for
    your sanity to see that as being really more their problem than
    yours, as they clearly must spend more time on computers than is
    healthy for any brain.:-)

    On the minus side, even I find your msgs too long and too numerous to
    read in their entirety, so condensing your views to a few lines
    before sending, if you are able do so, might help other readers and
    probably reduce the current level of resistance to the thoughts you
    have to offer.


    On 23 Oct 2007, at 13:16,scríobh

    > ...
    > I'm a native English speaker in my 50s and I *still* have to do this
    > regularly -- both for English words and acronyms. Just learned
    > "barista"
    > recently, for example (surprising, given my love of good coffee!).
    > Online
    > dictionaries and acronym finders are one of the top hits on my browser
    > favorites list.
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