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Date: Fri Oct 26 2007 - 00:16:47 CDT

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    > David Starner wrote,
    >> The character set standards of China, Taiwan, Japan and Korea were
    >> completely included in the BMP. The sets of characters that computer
    >> users of CJKV characters were actually using are all in the BMP. That
    >> was not a first come, first serve policy. Unicode continued to add the
    >> characters that the standards bodies of those nations thought were
    >> important to the BMP for several years. It was not a first come, first
    >> serve basis.
    > How could it have been done other than first come, first served?
    > The "first come" were the official character set standards David
    > Starner mentions.

    With unicode itself scripts are allocated to the BMP or plane 1 based
    largely on the principal of is there a modern user community of a
    certain size, rather than put everything to the BMP. If the same had
    been done with CJKV then things would look very different, many
    Extension A characters would be in plane 2, or even plane 3, this
    would leave space in the BMP for characters submitted later but or
    modern use, and cjkv characters would follow the convention used for
    almost every other script.


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    > James Kass

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