Re: Level of Unicode support required for various languages

Date: Fri Oct 26 2007 - 00:41:16 CDT

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    Quoting "John H. Jenkins" <>:

    > If, for example, we'd had the concept of variant selectors an
    > established part of the standard during the Extension B work, the IRG
    > could have saved literally thousands of code points which are now
    > dedicated to obscure variants found in the Hanyu Da Zidian. If we
    > abandon the idea that every distinct ideograph requires separate
    > encoding, we could speed up the whole process, improve the quality of
    > work, and -- most important -- make implementation much simpler.

    Even more could have been done at the start of unicode and CJKV.

    An even more effcient solution as far as code points, would have been
    to encode the components of Chinese characters, not precomposed
    charcters, this would take up over 10 thousand code points to encode
    the current 70 thousand unicode charcters, and include over 80% of all
    CJKV submissions. In this case new submissions would be resticted to
    new components. This way all cjkv would be in the BMP.

    Though I doubt that using variant selectors would saved a great deal
    of code points, it would certainly cut down on stress, poeple not
    having to fight to keep their character from the oblivion of
    unification. (The use of VS for extension B if done on the principla
    of Annex S style unification, would only reduce Extension B by say
    1/10 to 1/5.)

    John Knightley

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    > John H. Jenkins

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