Re: Level of Unicode support required for various languages

Date: Fri Oct 26 2007 - 06:43:48 CDT

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    Quoting James Kass <>:

    > As you may know, I've been studying and trying to get a solid
    > understanding of CJK unification. Something I'm having trouble
    > grasping is why identical/otherwise-unifiable pairs are considered
    > non-unifiable if they come from two different sources with two
    > apparently different meanings. After all, in UNIHAN.TXT there
    > are many single characters with more than one definition. Just
    > as there are many English words with more than one meaning.
    > (Examples exist, like U+3ADA (?) and U+66F6 (?).)

    Dear James

    The two charcaters have different meaning, though i have to admit I am
    hard pushed to find a font that maintains the differnce in the bottom
    half of the character &#26352; U+66F0 and &#26085; U+65E5 respectively.


    > So, if a rare character has uncertain provenance and meaning, but
    > it is unifiable, shouldn't it just be unified? And, if that character
    > is not unifiable, but it exists in texts (however obscure) that
    > someone may wish to reproduce electronically (for posterity,
    > perhaps), shouldn't it be encoded?


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