Re: Level of Unicode support required for various languages

Date: Sat Oct 27 2007 - 09:47:28 CDT

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    Dear Gerrit,

    IMHO you are correct, the biggest obstacle was not technical, but
    other factors.


    Quoting Gerrit Sangel <>:

    > Excuse me if I am wrong, but according to Wikipedia, the original Cangjie
    > method mastered this in the 80s or so. And I do not think the computer at
    > that time were really sophisticated.
    > Could it not have been solved like the ligatures in TeX? I mean, TeX masters
    > some features other apps still cannot do now.
    > I think, a possibility would have been to store the text like ?
    > (U+5973) and ?
    > (U+99AC) and generate ? (U+5ABD) via some kind of ligatures. This could then
    > be stored in the font, which describes that if ? is followed by ? and a
    > character for ?next character? it should generate ?.
    > This could have then spanned the ordinary CJK range, but if some kind
    > of ?unknown? character is typed in, it could still be stored (maybe in a more
    > inferior quality in display, but still it would not have needed a code
    > point).
    > Regards
    > Gerrit Sangel
    > Am Freitag 26 Oktober 2007 schrieb John H. Jenkins:
    >> it would
    >> have required technical support beyond the abilities of then-current
    >> systems, it would have made East Asian texts take even *more* space
    >> than they do now and made them more difficult to process.

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