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    You might see if you can find this:
    Huttar, George L. 1992. "Afaka and his Creole syllabary: The social context of a writing system." In Shin Ja J. Hwang and William R. Merrifield (eds.), Language in context: Essays for Robert E. Longacre, 593-604. Summer Institute of Linguistics and the University of Texas at Arlington Publications in Linguistics, 107. Dallas: Summer Institute of Linguistics and the University of Texas at Arlington.
    If you can't get the book or article directly, you might write to SIL ( and ask them to pass your query on to George Huttar. SIL lists a number of documents they've published in this language, all in a Latin script. I suspect one reason for that is that education in Surinam uses a Latin script, so by using more or less the same writing system for this language, speakers are likely to be able to pick up a book in this language and read it without special training.
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    The Afaka script was created in 1908 for the Ndyuka language and is now
    largely abbandoned; see < > and
    < >. I couldn't find any mention
    of it in the Unicode website, not even as a script unfit for editing. Any

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