RE: Level of Unicode support required for various languages

Date: Tue Oct 30 2007 - 07:52:56 CST

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    Quoting Philippe Verdy <>:

    >> Maybe I haven't understood your point here - like + and *, IDC have
    >> equivalence
    > Definitely NO. Not at the Unicode normalization level, not even in the IDS
    > processes.
    > The IDC *characters* have NO equivalences.

    The IDC equivalences are a matter of mathematics, For example U+2FF2
    xyz = U+2FF0 U+2FF0 xyz. Of course in the same way as x*(y+z) = x*y +

    > Only IDS *strings* MAY have some externally defined equivalences, depending
    > on the IDS usage convention rules.
    > And there are several conventions, there's not just one standard one that
    > forbids all other conventions, and even the "best" convetion is also
    > changing over time.

    What are the different conventions do you have any examples?

    > This should not affect the way the IDS are rendered in plain text, i.e. as a
    > string mixing radicals and isolated IDC symbols.

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