RE: Level of Unicode support required for various languages

Date: Tue Oct 30 2007 - 11:35:19 CST

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    Quoting Philippe Verdy <>:

    > In other words, the IDS are not creating larger grapheme clusters, each IDC
    > is its own grapheme cluster, self-delimited and completely independent from
    > the surrounding.

    By defintion an IDS must be complete, for example IDC+CJKV is
    imcomplete and therefore not an IDS, only IDC+CJKV+CJKV (or
    IDC+CJKV+CJKV+CJKV, if the IDC is U+2ff2/3) are complete, the begining
    and end of a IDS is clear and unambiguous, in many a cluster.

    > You could even use the encoded IDC for something else than Han (for example
    > between Latin characters, may be needed for notation purposes, where some
    > radicals are replaced by placeholder variables).

    BTW If one uses IDC with something other than cjkv the result is not an IDS


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