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From: James Kass (
Date: Wed Oct 31 2007 - 23:31:36 CST

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    ⿵門龍弁 wrote,

    >I hope that you are not wishing that I pass away any time soon.

    May you live more than long enough to achieve any degree of
    fame required to ensure that your personal character becomes

    >3) IDS
    >Quoting John Jenkins:
    >-"An IDS is *not* the same thing as encoding. It should be considered
    >a better-than-nothing stop-gap until something appropriate comes along
    >(either an encoded character or a registered variation sequence)".
    >-"Using an IDS in running text is a hack."
    >-Will not render correctly in most environments.

    An IDS is *not* the same thing as an encoded character, yet it
    represents a unique (in this case), standardly interchangeable
    way to exchange the information desired. It is an interim
    solution. IDS are used to describe unencoded characters
    in running text and are intended to be used in running text
    for this purpose. IDS *do* render correctly in most
    environments because the rendering of each component in an
    IDS separately is *one* correct way that IDS may be rendered.

    Quoting from,

    "Ideographic Description Characters ... (snip) Ordinarily the
    result would be a human readable description of a character,
    perhaps one for which a font is not available. However, at least
    some vendors are interested in automatic conversion of these
    sequences into single ideographs."

    >I suspect that any evidence that I can produce will not be sufficient
    >for you. However, if you have any suggestions and it is within my
    >ability, I can certainly try my best.

    Unfortunately, a Google search for the string "⿵門龍" results
    in all kinds of pages which have only the string "門龍", even
    when the desired search string is entered in quotes. What this
    means is that web usage of the string isn't easily checked.

    Best regards,

    James Kass

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