FWD: 2008 UN Year of Languages. 2008-02-28 International Mother Language Day

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    Announcement - 2008 Year of Languages

    The year 2008 has been proclaimed International Year of Languages by
    the United Nations General Assembly. With the slogan "languages
    matter!", UNESCO is aiming at extensive fulfilment in its role as
    coordinator of activities for this Year. The conviction that language
    diversity is essential to the human heritage - as each and every
    language embodies the unique cultural wisdom of a people - is the
    common working ground for all those who will respond to this call for

    Proposed areas for partnership and collaboration are multilingualism
    in cyberspace, radio programmes in all languages, translating projects
    especially from and into lesser known languages, languages and
    migration, safeguarding endangered languages, those being only an
    example of what a Year of Languages can mean for policy makers and
    project organizers. Quoting Mr Koïchiro Matsuura, Director General of
    UNESCO "The common goal is to ensure that the importance of linguistic
    diversity and multilingualism in educational, administrative and legal
    systems, cultural expressions and the media, cyberspace and trade, is
    recognized on the national, regional and international levels".

    UNESCO therefore invites governments, United Nations organizations,
    civil society organizations, educational institutions, professional
    associations and all other stakeholders to increase their own
    activities to foster respect for, and the promotion and protection of
    all languages, particularly endangered languages, in all individual
    and collective contexts.

    The formal launching of the Year of Languages will be on 21 February
    2008, the International Mother Language Day.

    Extensive information is to be found on the official UNESCO website


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