Re: reg: Unicode Conformance

From: Rick McGowan (
Date: Mon Feb 18 2008 - 13:01:44 CST

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    Srikrishna wrote:

    > For UTF16 encoding scheme, BOM specifies that how a file should be
    > serialized

    No, the BOM specifies how a file *IS* serialized. You are welcome to make
    a BE file on a LE machine if you want to, and vice versa. But when you
    interepret that file, you should pay attention to the BOM.

    > So LE & BE input files are supposed to be processed on LE & BE
    > platforms respectively. when worng endianess input scripts are
    > given i.e LE script on BE platform and vice versa, application
    > should terminate with an error.

    Terminating with an error seems pretty drastic, especially if you know
    what you're looking at. Why not just convert the byte stream to the other


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