Re: What is a Chinese font?

Date: Wed Feb 27 2008 - 13:07:50 CST

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    Dear mpsuzuki

    > I agree the checksum in head table is difficult for mental
    > arithmetic - I ignored it and caused strange errors, I must
    > apologize. Your Perl scripts

    For the record, yes the programs are written in pure Perl and anyone with
    Perl 5.8 or later could use them by downloading and installing the source
    packages involved. But, for Windows users, there are binary distributions
    that do not require a Perl installation.

    > preserve the contents in the
    > unknown tables


    > and in "gap" area that is not a part of tables
    > listed in TTF directory?

    Um, no. As far as the TTF specification is concerned, there is no
    information stored in the "gap" as you call it, i.e., the between tables.
    If there happens to be a gap of some sort between some of the tables, any
    data therein is irrelevant to the operation of the font.

    These tools preserve all tables that are listed in the font directory,
    even private extensions that might be present and which the tools know
    nothing about.

    The *order* of the tables may not be preserved, but the spec says that
    tables may be in any order.

    For those interested, we use these tools internally in our own font
    development, and the tools have a lot of years of development and use.


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