OpenType update for Unicode 5.2/6.0?

From: Saqqara (
Date: Mon Oct 11 2010 - 06:11:25 CDT

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    ο»ΏGiven that OpenType is the de-facto standard for fonts, it is disappointing to see the 'Script tag' list for OpenType has not been updated in almost three years. I'm a patient person but the lack of inclusion of new scripts in Unicode 5.2 a year after the fact seems like carelessness. I've elaborated a little further on my jtotobsc blog, see

    My particular interest being π“Œƒπ“‚§π“π“―π“€π“ͺπ“†Žπ“…“π“Š– (mdt-kmt, the Egyptian language in hieroglyphs).

    Any ideas who needs to be prodded to make an update happen? It would also be very useful if HTML5/WOFF could spec Unicode 6.0 or later as a step towards a multiscript web.

    Bob Richmond

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