IDNA2008 Contextual rules clarification

From: Chigurupati, Nagesh (
Date: Fri Oct 29 2010 - 15:42:12 CDT

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    I have a question regarding some of the contextual rules in RFC5892. For
    example the contextual rule in appendix A.4 Greek Lower Numeral Sign
    (U+0375), states the following:

    If Script(After(cp)) .eq. Greek Then True;

    If the Greek Lower Numeral Sign (U+0375) is the last code point in the
    IDN, should it be allowed? There are statements in the RFC5892 as

    Before(FirstChar) evaluates to Undefined.
    After(LastChar) evaluates to Undefined.

    Can I assume that "Undefined" is not equal to "Greek", and therefore
    input sequences with a trailing Greek Lower Numeral Sign are always
    disallowed by the specification?

    The Hebrew Punctuation Geresh (U+05F3), Hebrew Puncutation Gershayim
    (U+05F4), etc. also pose a similar question. The rule set for these
    contextual rules states the following:

    If Script(Before(cp)) .eq. Hebrew Then True;

    So, if the first code point is U+05F3, then should it be disallowed as
    there is no code point before this one to assert that it belongs to the
    Hebrew script.

    Nagesh Chigurupati

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