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Date: Fri Jan 28 2011 - 07:08:48 CST

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    This reminds me of an idea to encode all words, which was briefly discussed on this list a couple of years ago. There was not much enthusiasm for the idea, as I recall, and some good reasons not to pursue it.

    In the case of sentences, there could be endless debate on the choice of subjects, and then complications on the linguistic and cultural level for fixing equivalents in other languages for sentences that might seem obvious in whatever language (English?) that one starts with.

    In any event, an alternative would be a kind of dynamic composition of localized sentences (starting with any sentence one may put together for localization) using complex sets of algorithms, and in which the role of Unicode would be limited to the character level.

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    > My idea does not seek to do that. I am suggesting that there be a finite number of localizable sentences. It could be hundreds, maybe thousands eventually. I am thinking that Unicode could encode a few to start in plane 7 in Unicode 7.0 so as to get started and then more could be added gradually with each update to Unicode as people discover particular needs.

    Even if you start just with your "gluten-free restaurant" sentence,
    there's hundreds of things people some are allergic against (or
    otherwise have health problems or just can't stand), so that single
    example already gives you hundreds of sentences. And there's obviously
    much more to talk about.

    Regards, Martin.

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