Re: Adding RAINBOW FLAG to Unicode (Fwd: Representing Additional Types of Flags)

From: Philippe Verdy <>
Date: Wed, 1 Jul 2015 10:57:49 +0200

I oppose this proposal for the simple reason that it thinks hyphen
separations are not necessary. Possibly true today but there will be
extensions in some future needing more than 2 letters or 3 digits in the
primary subtag. even for iso 3166-2 the regional subtags are very likely
to change and without separators the extension,s will become ambiguous

2015-07-01 10:15 GMT+02:00 gfb hjjhjh <>:

> <>The UTC is
> considering a proposal to extend the types of flags which can be reliably
> represented by certain sequences of Unicode characters. In addition to the
> current mechanism using pairs of regional indicator symbols—already widely
> implemented—the proposal would use sequences of the TAG characters in the
> range U+E0030..U+E005A to represent other types of flags. The proposal also
> provides guidelines to specify valid sequences of TAG characters and how to
> interpret them. Full details of the proposal are provided in the background
> document
> <>
> .
> The UTC welcomes feedback on this proposed new mechanism. Feedback could
> consist of an indication of support or opposition to the proposal, with
> reasons why, or could consist of suggestions for improvement of the
> proposal.
> For further information, please see the Public Review Issues
> <> page.

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