Re: Mammal emoji

From: Philippe Verdy <>
Date: Tue, 8 Mar 2016 02:02:28 +0100

2016-03-07 22:11 GMT+01:00 Asmus Freytag (t) <>:
> Sometimes looking at semantic domains points out candidates to consider.
The ultimate reason for requesting another mammal emoji would rest on the
need to included in communications

Is there an emoji for the concept of "overbooked/too much work"? which is
the last state (and cause) before either:
- at best, (it is not unexpectable if people care about each other and
themselves!) the sudden abandon/dismiss to do something else, or
- at worse, (if it was not personally ancitipated, and other people didn't
care) personal breakdown (with deep, costly and durable consequences).

This case of breakdown caused by earlier overbooking at work has now a
popular term "burnout" (another candidate emoji, but more difficult to
represent graphically as you could represent the state of someone
depressed, but not its cause). It is becoming popular today with the
(ongoing) regulation of conditions of work and prevention of risks by
organisations (basically by better distribution of responsabilities, better
scheduling of tasks, preservation of personal lifetime of workers, choice
to delay some works, and accepting that everything cannot be done with
existing resources, even if it could "pay" in the short term).

I think that many Unicoders on this list may be at this early step, they
have troubles to follow everything in the pipe of incoming requests or
proposals, and the UTC is probably under-resourced.
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