RE: Gaps in Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols

From: Doug Ewell <>
Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2016 14:48:10 -0700

Andrew West wrote:

> It ( is
> machine-readable, although the file specifically warns that "this file
> should not be parsed for machine-readable information".

Yes, I saw that mattress tag.

I could not find any other files in the UCD proper that reference the
unassigned code points within the MAS block, except for
DerivedGeneralCategory.txt, which simply says the code points are

MathClass-*.txt and MathClassEx-*.txt have the information in question
in a machine-readable format, if only in comments:


#1D506=212D;A;;Cfr;ISOMFRK;;FRAKTUR CAPITAL C <reserved>

These files are not part of the UCD, and aren't updated with every
Unicode release, but might be a better reference. Perhaps UTC members
can offer a recommendation here.

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