Re: UTC makes the Colbert show

From: Philippe Verdy <>
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2016 20:57:35 +0200

2016-03-30 20:24 GMT+02:00 Doug Ewell <>:

> > Fredrik passed this on:
> > ; skip ahead to 1:30.
> This is great! Now all of America knows what Unicode is really all
> about.

All of America really? Do they all look at the same TV show on the same

Well there are probably many more people not even looking at TV but looking
at video channels on the Internet (and there there's a plethora of videos
with many other topics, seriously treated or not).

May be they've heard about Unicode (but most often very superficially).
Their contact with it (for example with emojis) is a choice panel on their
smartphone, and they absolutely don't care about the encoding or any
standard, they'll use these directly "as is" (and don't know really if this
is correctly received, the way they intended). They don't even know if an
Unicode encoding is really used to transport their messages.

Most users on PC have never touched the browser settings about the "default
encoding" for pages, they simply don't know how to choose (if they select
something incorrect and this causes them problems, they'll just reset the
brower default settings defined by other people). Unicode is absolutely not
their problem (if there's a problem they will first blame the manufacturer
of their device, or may be the maker of the software). Look at their
support forum about those issues, in most times they do not understand the
technical details, and just ask for a one-click solution (to reset the
preferences that were incorrectly set).
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