Re: Dealing with Georgian capitalization in programming languages

From: Martin J. Dürst via Unicode <>
Date: Thu, 4 Oct 2018 18:37:25 +0900

Ken, Markus,

Many thanks for your ideas, which I noted at

Regards, Martin.

On 2018/10/03 06:43, Ken Whistler wrote:
> On 10/2/2018 12:45 AM, Martin J. Dürst via Unicode wrote:

>> My questions here are:
>> - Has this been considered when Georgian Mtavruli was discussed in the
>>   UTC?
> Not explicitly, that I recall. The whole issue of titlecasing came up
> very late in the preparation of case mapping tables for Mtavruli and
> Mkhedruli for 11.0.
> But it seems to me that the problem you are citing can be avoided if you
> simply rethink what your "capitalize" means. It really should be
> conceived of as first lowercasing the *entire* string, and then
> titlecasing the *eligible* letters -- i.e., usually the first letter.
> (Note that this allows for the concept that titlecasing might then be
> localized on a per-writing-system basis -- the issue would devolve to
> determining what the rules are for "eligible" letters.) But the simple
> default would just be to titlecase the initial letter of each "word"
> segment of a string.
> Note that conceived this way, for the Georgian mappings, where the
> titlecase mapping for Mkhedruli is simply the letter itself, this
> approach ends up with:
> capitalize(mkhedrulistring) --> mkhedrulistring
> capitalize(MTAVRULISTRING) ==> titlecase(lowercase(MTAVRULISTRING)) -->
> mkhedrulistring
> Thus avoiding any mixed case.
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