Re: A sign/abbreviation for "magister"

From: Philippe Verdy via Unicode <>
Date: Sat, 27 Oct 2018 19:35:17 +0200

Le sam. 27 oct. 2018 à 15:06, Asmus Freytag via Unicode <>
a écrit :

> First question is: how do you interpret the symbol? For me it is
> definitely the capital M followed by the superscript "r" (written in an
> old style no longer used in Poland), but there is something below the
> superscript. It looks like a small "z", but such an interpretation
> doesn't make sense for me.
> My suspicion would be that the small "z" is rather a "=" that acquired a
> connecting stroke as part of quick handwriting.
I have the same kind of reading, the zigzagging stroek is an hnadwritten
emphasis of the uperscript r above it (explicitly noting it is terminating
the abbreviation), jut like the small underline that happens sometimes
below the superscript o in the abbreviation of "numero" (as well sometimes
there was not just one but two small underlines, including in some prints).

This sample is a perfect example of fast cursive handwritting (due to high
variability of all other letter shapes, sizes and joinings, where even the
capital M is written as two unconnected strokes), and it's not abnormal to
see in such condition this cursive joining between the two underlining
strokes so that it looks like a single zigzag.
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